All experiences center around full immersion in the present moment. Together we will create a meditative environment, and traverse the sensual opportunities found throughout your body.  Be ready to receive and relish in the awakening of your sensual body and soul.

All Genders Welcome

Body to Body Tantric Massage

Welcome to a titillating and tantalizing bodywork experience. 

Focus is on bringing erotic sensations to all parts your body… as well as your mind.  I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and heightened sensitivity through the exploration of sensation and breath. 

I use my entire body to stimulate every portion of yours. I am thoroughly passionate about the art of sultry and seductive body to body massage, like an interpretive dance, your body provides the soundtrack for my movement.

If it is challenging for you to move away from your visual sense I’ll provide a blindfold. I enjoy offering French in this session, however you can opt out if you prefer.  Male G-Spot or essential oils on request. This is an opportunity to explore receiving touch, if you’d like an interactive session please book an “Intimate Tantric Massage”.

300/hour, 450/90min, 650/2hours

Intimate Tantric Massage

A natural flow and integration of tantric massage, mutual exchange, and intimacy. A steamy blend of sensual massage, and physical connection.
450/hour, 675/90min, 850/2hours, 1200/3hours

Carnal Tantra

A sweet and sultry immersion, were we can traverse the entire landscape of sensuality exploring each other from head to toe.
600/hour, 850/90min, 1100/2hours, 1500/3hours

Tantric BDSM

To blend the art of Kink, and the art of sensuality, in an esoteric fashion. Emerging into the self  through the use of strong sensation. I use both physical and energetic dominance to create a space where you can acquiesce to your inner desires and fully find presence of body and mind.  I am orally inclined, and enjoy including French, however if you prefer to not receive French, just let me know. 
600/90min, 750/2hours.