Sensual Touch & Tantra For Women

A space where women can relax and enjoy the natural reception of sensual touch. 

All experiences are available to Women. If you are new to the touch of a woman, we can take our time, and observe any boundaries you wish to set. 

Your experience will begin with an aromatherapy infused shower. Followed by a combination of sensual, therapeutic, and energetic touch and connection. I will use my hands and body to bring you into a state of sensual awareness. 

I deeply enjoy the company of women, our deep aptitude towards sensuality lends itself to my sultry sessions.

Experiences Por Femme

1.5 hour Body to Body Tantric Massage…400

1.5 hour Intimate Tantric Massage…500

1.5 hour Tantric Kink…500

Two hour Women’s Sensual Spa Day…600

Getaway for a couple hours and indulge! 

  • Herbal relaxation bath
  • Hot oil body2body sensual massage with essential oil infused hemp oil
  • Facial massage with cosmetic grade Argan oil
  • Rejuvenating scalp acupressure massage
  • Foot detox treatment

Four handed massage with myself and Inca (available in Atlanta)

An amazing bodywork experience bringing both  yin and yang energy to your body and soul.