Ice Ice Baby (Hygiene etiquette)  You can melt that ice with a nice hot shower, it’s a great way to break the ice so to speak and settle in.  And make sure to wash your butt with soap- I can smell EVERYTHING when I’m body sliding ๐Ÿ˜‰  I prefer you shower on arrival, so no need to shower at home before heading over. You can bring your own bath products with you if you prefer.

The shower at the end of the session is your choice- I use organic oils so they’re great for you. There are also oral care products, deodorant and more for your use. 

Shorter/Longer Sessions Yes and Yes. If you’re a return client we can do shorter or longer sessions.

Packages/Discounts At my discretion I offer up to 100 off  pre-booked, prepaid session.

Add-ons Sometimes I have add-ons available, feel free to inquire.

Accessibility My studio is wheelchair accessible, and I see people with physical differences. My shower is a standard tub/shower combo. 

Introverts I’m introvert friendly. If you’re introverted and prefer we keep verbal communication, eye contact or something else to a minimum I can oblige.

Neurodivergent  If you need session or environment modifications to  make it a positive experience for you, let me know what they are to see if I can accommodate. Things like lighting, sound level etc are easy to adjust. 

MSOG My style lends itself to a gradual build, if you’d like to enjoy MSOG request a 2 hour appointment, and let me know you’re interested in MSOG.

GFE GFE is awesome, but not this ladies cup of tea.

About me I’m a fun-loving and sometimes goofy woman who loves to give massages รท) Iโ€™m down to earth, easy going, intuitive, and like to share my gifts.


I stand just shy of 5’9″ with a full natural bust, curvy hips and long athletic legs. People often common on my beautiful skin, dazzling blue eyes, and full pouty lips.

I love being outside, hiking, paddle boarding, hanging out in the park! I’m also a sucker for good spa day- I absolutely love receiving massages myself.

I’m drawn to kind, funny, people, and am repelled by pushiness, selfishness and entitlement.

The session I invite you to join me for playful, sensual, and therapeutic bodywork that will soothe your body and soul. It’s a natural flow, communicate with me during the session so neither of us have to guess. I’m interested in knowing about any therapeutic needs, or if you just need some R&R. Sensational bodywork done with a selected soundtrack. Itโ€™s going to be fun! I use lots of relaxing hot towels, a heated massage table, and aromatherapy, in addition to full sweeping massage strokes ๐Ÿ˜‰

My training and experience I have a ton of experience and education in multiple areas of healthcare, bodywork, holistic medicine and yoga. I hold a masters degree in traditional Eastern medicine and have completed various other training programs. I employ a full range of pressure from light to deep tissue during the session, as well as acupressure, Swedish, trigger point release, and structural integration.

Trauma The goal of our session is not to heal your trauma, but I’m comfortable and experienced in touching people who do have trauma, just let me know what’s going on.

Ganja Go for it.  I’ll probably not partake,  but you’re welcome to indulge.

Drinks? Sparkling water, Scotch or red wine.  If you’re interested in a “happy hour” style session where we chat and have a drink just ask!

Donations? Cash, cashapp, por favor.

Lagniappe… If you’re good maybe I’ll give you a treat wink wink. If you want to give me a treat I like gift cards or extra cash- unsolicited oral sex offers do not fall into this category.

Couples The energy of my sessions has proven not to be a good fit for couples, I recommend Alexa for couples sessions